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Living in the Moment

by surabhi October 11, 2016 1 comment


When was the last time you stopped on the street to marvel at the beautiful sunset without snapping it on your phone? When was the last time you were watching TV and simultaneously checking Snapchat on your phone? When was the last time you just sat and didn’t think anything at all. Our lives are busy, our minds are busier. We revel in the past and we live in the future. I think we are forgetting to live in the moment. I’m not saying anything new that hasn’t been said before, but this topic has been on my mind for a while now and I have been making a conscious effort to escape from the clutches of virtual reality and connect with myself. It’s early days but it’s been a therapeutic experience so far and in today’s post I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been doing for myself.

Do Yoga – Yoga has been a part of my life for the last 10 years and every time I practice Yoga, it amazes me with how positively it affects my mental and physical being. Any form of work out is great for your mind and body but Yoga calms you down and has great long term healing effects. I want to start meditating for a few minutes every day as a next step and I’ll keep you updated as I go along.

Go for a run – I started only last week, and I am really wondering how I lived 27 years of my life without going for a run! Of course it helps that Sydney is just so gorgeous from absolutely every angle and the air is so fresh and the sunsets are to die for. For those of you who haven’t done this, plug in your favorite music, take out your running shoes and go run or just for a walk. It will be your best one hour in the day!

Read a book – Probably the first thing I do every morning when I wake up is check my phone. It’s a terrible habit to have and I’m slowly but steadily replacing my phone with my Kindle in the mornings. I think it’s one of the best habits I’ve picked up and it really does make my mornings so much better.

Having a morning & night routine – I used to be one of those people who’ll snooze till the alarm dies in the morning, wake up with a start and almost run to work, definitely late for another meeting. Ever since I moved to Sydney I had decided I was going to switch things around and I did. I’ll elaborate more on this in coming posts but it’s all about finding something that motivates you to wake up in the mornings and do something that you enjoy – make a cup of tea, read a book, workout, watch YouTube videos, listen to music.  Having a routine where you do something for yourself just helps start and end your day on a positive note.

Travel – This is not for everyone and when I say travel I don’t mean go to an exotic country for a luxury vacation and blow up tons of money. Start small, travel to see more of the city you live in – most times people who have lived the longest in a city are the ones who have hardly seen much of the city. We see pictures of beautiful destinations on our Instagram everyday and make those #vacationgoals. It’s the same philosophy like living in virtual reality where everything that’s not us and away from us seems more desirable and beautiful. Live in the moment and see the beauty around you – trust me there’s tons of it.

I was in Fiji just last week and it is truly paradise on earth. It was perfect wherever you looked – white sand beaches, turquoise blue waters, palm trees and the gorgeous sun shining down on you, but you know what was best about Fiji – it was the people. I have never seen nicer, more hospitable and happier people in my entire life. They radiate happiness and their positivity transfers to everyone around them. When we were leaving Fiji, I was thinking of the beautiful smiles everyone greets you with along with the phrase Bula! (means Hello) instead of the beaches and the palm trees. Best vacation ever!

Here are some pictures during our trip! Hope you enjoy these and come back for more soon 🙂dsc_9421dsc_9454dsc_9444dsc_9502dsc_9469dsc_9519

Pictures by Shashank Kapur

What I’m wearing

Top & Sunnies by H&M

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