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Denim on Denim

by surabhi October 31, 2015 0 comment

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Here’s a new outfit post for you guys! If there’s one thing I’ve been obsessing over this year it’s denim on denim. I’ve tried many variations, denim jeans with denim shirt; denim button-down skirt with a denim top; black with blue denim, black on black denim, different shades of blue; but there are so many other variations I can come up with and that’s the beauty of this combination.

In this look I went with black denims, a white top and a light wash denim jacket. It’s a classic “can’t-go-wrong” outfit. To add more visual interest to the look I added a coin necklace and these edgy black wedges to bring the look together. I absolutely love the end result — it’s a little edgy, yet casual — perfect for a day out. I didn’t have one myself, but finish this look with a black backpack and you will turn heads for sure!

I know this post is shorter than the others, but I have a crazy few weeks ahead and lots of planning to do. I’ll see you soon!

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