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WORK STORY : The Shirt Dress

by surabhi July 14, 2015 0 comment


Getting ready for work can be exhausting. It’s such a stressful activity for me! My regular morning starts with hitting the snooze button a million times, and usually always waking up with exactly half an hour to spare for the cab pick up and then jumping right into a getting-ready marathon, which I still haven’t quite mastered. Having said that, it’s one of my favorite parts of the morning, coming a close second to my beloved chai. Why is it my favorite you ask? Well. picking out what I’m going to wear on a particular day really influences how the rest of my day is going to feel like. The days when I’m the most uninspired I usually put on one of my kurtas – they are such low maintenance and c’mon, we all know we look our best in Indian wear. Then there are days when I know I have a long day ahead but I still want to put a little effort into dressing up and that’s when my dress shirts and loyal jeans come into the picture. I really think a shirt + jeans + belt + loafers is a classic and winsome combination. If you know me from work you would have seen me in many of those looks! I’m sure you also have one of those days when you wake up feeling extra blah and you think putting in that little extra thought in what you can wear that day would lift your spirits up? I have MANY of those I-don’t-want-to-go-to-work-kinda days. Those are the days I really make an effort. That’s when the skirts come out, or a blazer over a simple tee and jeans or I pick out a flattering dress and make it a little less dressy with some smart layering and flats. For me flats are an essential. I am not a heels person – to be honest, heels are a boon to women kind – it adds the height, cuts down the flab, instantly uplifts your look and all that but it’s just not for me. For me work wear screams comfort, and heels are not comfortable. Period. I’ve tried the wedges, I’ve tried the block heels but some things just aren’t meant for you.

Anyway, with that, let me introduce you to a series of posts I have worked on which are inspired from my daily work routine. Considering every morning from Monday-Friday I spend a considerable amount of time planning what to wear that day, this post didn’t need that much thinking. Over the next few days, I’ll share some work outfit ideas which you can (hopefully) customize for your own workspace. To start with, let me tell you a little about my workplace. I am one of those fortunate (or am I?) few whose company does not prescribe a certain kind of dress code, so to say. We have our freedom with whatever we want to wear – whether they are shorts, dresses or jeans – and some people I’ve noticed tend to get a little carried away, but who am I to judge? So let’s just say it’s a very casual working environment. The look I chose to share for my first post in this series is a very right up my alley outfit which I often wear to work. This dress is an Urban Outfitters one which I picked up on my first visit to the US and at that time I remember thinking that $60 was too exorbitant a price to pay, but today I can happily say it was well worth the investment. The dress till date looks brand new and I always get those nice compliments when I wear it. A lot of it could do with the color, which I think looks fabulous on Indian skin, but the best part about the dress has to be the fit. It’s loosely fitted but cinching at the waist to give it that nice form which looks extremely flattering. I also love that it’s a shirt dress. They are my absolute favorites for work! Shirt dresses have such a casual yet formal vibe, making them a perfect pick for the workplace, especially mine. This particular shirt dress, like most others, is quite a versatile piece. You can always wear it as a regular dress, or layer it over a tee and jeans. For this particular look, I paired my shirt dress with a sleeveless black shirt to have a little fun with my look and finished it off with these pointed grey flats. I kept the accessories to a minimal as I don’t like having to deal with a lot of arm candy while working on my laptop. And that’s it – I’m ready for work! I love how simple and effortless, yet fun this is for a regular day at work.

Stay tuned for more work stories over the next few days, where I will share a few more outfit ideas along with some tid bits, tips and tricks that can help you get ready for work!

Tip : If you are a shorty like me, nude, grey and metallic shoes help in adding a little height to your frame. They make your legs look longer, doing the trick 🙂


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Pictures by : Shashank Kapur

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