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WORK STORY 2 : Print-on-Print

by surabhi July 23, 2015 0 comment


I’m back with my second post on the work story series and today we are talking about a print on print look that you can actually wear to work. Print on print is a fun trend, but it can be a little intimidating to put together, especially if you are not that big on prints. I am more of a neutrals person, so prints are kind of a big deal for me. Having said that, I’ve been having a ball wearing florals this spring/summer, but that’s off topic. Stripes are the neutrals of prints and if you are new, like me, then let’s start with that because black and white goes with everything. Below I have some tips and tricks to pair print on print and some fun ideas for other similar looks.

Wearing print on print is going to make a statement, so if you are not in the mood to turn heads, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you are taking baby steps like me, then the first tip is to start simple. Mix easy, simple prints. Stripes, of course, go with everything. Other easy prints are leopard print, florals, gingham. Here, I’ve taken the easy route to mix stripes and polka dots. Two simple pieces in my wardrobe and together they are going bam! Who would’ve thought 🙂



How to put a print on print look together? Match colors, pull from the same color pallette and check if they go together. Pastels with pastels, neutrals with anything, different shades of the same color. Read this for more guidance! In this look, I mixed Blue & White with Black & White. The easiest way is to look for one color which repeats in both your pieces which you are planning to put together. Here, it was white. However, I can imagine this striped skirt with a gingham top or the polka dot shirt with a mint lightly printed skirt.


Add solid accessories. Since you are anyway playing around with print, don’t crowd your look with too many accessories. Keep it simple and basic. Use neutral colors to pull the look together. Here I added black pumps, pearl earrings and a red lip to bring everything together. If your prints are more muted, use colors from your outfits for accessorizing.


I would say try not to mix more than two prints, but I’ve seen some pull it off with ease. Also, try and spread the prints across your outfit. Pants and blouse, skirts and tops, tops and blazers and this is an interesting one, printed shoes and top with a solid bottom. This last look is right down my alley, and I can’t wait to try it out.


Flatter your body shape and do not drown yourself in print and pattern. Use structured, tailored pieces. If you have one loose, flowy component to your outfit, pull it together with the second one. Otherwise, print being print will be overwhelming and you will end up looking a little lost.


Now that you are ready to rock this trend, don’t forget to share your print on print outfit looks with me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You can follow me @theeverydaylook!

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Pictures by Shashank Kapur

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