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Nouveaux Départs / New Beginnings

by surabhi May 16, 2015 0 comment

Today’s post is a special one. Special, because it involves a couple of firsts – first post on men’s fashion, first post featuring someone new on the blog. The idea for this came around one day while debating about what The Everyday Look stands for. Is it a fashion blog, a blog for styling ideas, styling on a budget? What’s the USP? What sets it apart from the 100s of other blogs that crop up every other day? After some more coffee and further debating I was starting to see where I was going with this. Cutting to the chase, The Everyday Look is a blog about people and their choices in fashion. It’s a blog where our personality defines the clothes and not the other way round. Style for me is something innate, something that reflects in your moods and your quirks, something that tells the world how you are feeling that day, something that’s perfectly you with all your imperfections. This blog is for everyone. A place for people to share what’s unique about them, what makes them who they are and how they choose to share that with the rest of us.

Today’s post is about Ajith Francis. I couldn’t have chosen a better day to publish this post as today is his birthday and we’re bang in the middle of the sweltering summer heat, perfect (?) weather for a look that we styled together. Francis, as he’s usually referred to, used to work with me in Google. He quit a few years ago and moved to Delhi where he worked briefly with Milind Deora before joining the Planning Commission of India. He was hard at work until his team at the PCI dissolved. But now he’s onto better and more exciting things. He’s moving to Paris soon for the next couple of years to complete his Masters in Public Policy. Fancy fellow. I have to concede, he sounds quite cool on paper! That should help as he gets ready to woo those stylish Parisian women. 😉

Francis is a fun, laid back guy who sometimes likes to bring his A game to the art of dressing. He likes to keep it minimal and fun, casual yet sharp. For him, we went for a summer inspired retro look. Perfect for this weather, but adding a dash of character through some retro elements like this polka dotted shirt, aviators and a hat. This look is perfect for a hot summer day, maybe for a brunch or for a regular college day. We planned the look around these white linen pants and I was going to go with a lightweight shirt, but he wanted something more versatile. The perfect answer was this polka dotted shirt. You can wear it for a night out with dark pants, wear it to work with grey/beige pants, just throw on over a casual pair of shorts or go the semi-casual way like us by pairing it with white linen pants. To finish off the look, we just needed a trusty pair of aviators and tan slippers (I would have preferred slip-on sandals) and you are ready to go! And since he’s off to study, that nice sling bag is a handy addition.

Outfit details : Pants, Shirt & Bag : Allen Solly | Hat : DSW | Slippers : Nike





What’s your go-to look this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

 Pictures by : Shashank Kapur

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