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Blazing it up

by surabhi May 31, 2015 0 comment

Writing this post from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Can you sense my exhaustion? Let’s just say, families can be exhausting. And add to that, the Rajasthan summers are not making things very easy. And now there’s a crazy storm brewing outside. Seriously. Turbulent times! 🙂

For today’s post I decided to talk about a wardrobe staple, the blazer. You’ll say wrong time to talk about it, I’ll say no. Blazers are an essential, irrespective of the weather. And today you get fabrics that will take you through summers and winters alike. They are quite the essential to amp up your look, add a little drama, induce a boost of self-confidence and the tiny ingredient to add a new twist to any look. While I’m sure the office-goers swear by it, it’s also an important element in any minimal yet stylish wardrobe. Some wear it for the professional element, some use it to add a little contrast to their casual outfit and some use it add that edge to a quirky look. If none of these are for you, then just use it as a regular layering piece.

As is becoming a habit, much to the annoyance of my photographer, I shot 3 looks for this post. One’s a fun school/college look with a little bit of drama, one’s a work look and the last, a fun and casual look sombered down by the blazer. I love how these 3 are such contrasting looks and that’s exactly what I set out to achieve while planning this look – to break what’s become conventional and encourage more people in the relaxed work environment today to bring their old and dusty blazers out of their closets.

Also, as with everything today, blazers are coming in various shapes, sizes, colors and prints. While the black blazer remains a staple given it’s versatility, this boxy blazer from Vero Moda adds a new fun touch to the classic favorite. I’d also suggest owning one in a base color, like nude or white, to bring that classic elegance to your look. While you are at it, a printed blazer is an on-point choice given today’s trends. I love the geometrical monochrome pattern here, but go crazy with florals, aztecs and pair them with fun bright outfits for your summer outings. Until next time, have a wonderful week 🙂

Look 1 
Blazer & Top : Vero Moda | Jeans : Allen Solly | Bag : Myntra | Shoes & Earrings : Forever 21
Look 2
Blazer & Top : Forever 21 | Pants : H&M | Kitten Heels : Tresmode | Bag : Van Heusen


Look 3
Blazer : Sarojini Nagar | Dress : Latin Quarters (gift) | Shoes : Add Ons | Sunglasses : H&M


Pictures by : Shashank Kapur

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