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by surabhi April 12, 2015 0 comment

Summer’s are almost here and it’s getting hot already! I feel like time is running it’s own sweet marathon but that’s a conversation for another day.

Today’s post, on a summery note, is about light layers. Usually, layering is considered key mainly in the fall and winter months. However, here in India I believe that layering is especially important during the hot summers. There are many reasons why you should layer, and some of them in decreasing order of importance go like :
Protect yourself from the sun

You know how hot it gets around here and even though you always want to wear the bare minimum during the summers, sometimes it’s just a good idea to throw on a little something to protect your arms from those harsh rays, especially if you are going to be out and about. You can choose different fabrics to layer and that can include a lightweight cotton shirt, a kimono or anything that’s thin, light and airy but does a good job covering your skin. And carry an umbrella 🙂
Wear clothes in your closet you’ve never worn before

How many times has it happened that you bought something home, tried it on a second time and then it just didn’t work? Either the fit was off, the material stuck to your body giving it that unflattering silhouette, the color was not doing much for you and basically end of story, you just can’t wear it out. Well you can, especially with a little smart layering. Like in my outfit below, you can pair a dress with a long shirt, or a shirt dress to cover the dress up completely and easily wear it out in comfort and style. You can layer shirts with loose dresses by adding in a belt to give the outfit more structure, or layer them with bodycon dresses as is just to add that little dose of comfort. You can also try adding the belt over the dress & the shirt making it look like one seamless outfit.
Look Chic
There’s a reason why the fashion world loves to layer. Layering, when done right, adds that instant touch of chic to your outfit and usually aids comfort as well, which just means you are more confident to take on the world! Some things to keep in mind while layering though :


Choosing the right layer – if you have a printed shirt or dress, keep the layer simple or mix prints which complement each other – for example, you can try mixing horizontal and vertical stripes to achieve a fun look.


Color co-ordinate – Be creative while choosing what color layering piece to pick with your outfit. The easiest way is to use colors that are present in your base outfit. For example, with this blue dress I went with a sheer white shirt which had red and blue prints on it to complement the dress. To that, I added bright red shoes to finish off the look. Or, you can just go for some color blocking – neutralize a neon piece with a white layer, or add in some yellow to a purple outfit etc
Be comfortable – The whole premise to the concept of layering is to be comfortable. So don’t mix form fitting with form fitting or loose garments with loose layers.
Mix and match, add in a pop of color and you’ll be ready to take on the world.


P.S. I had two outfits planned for this post, but my laptop crashed earlier today and I lost quite a chunk of the photos I had shot for the second look. I’m going to try to lay my hands on those, but for the time being enjoy these photos. See ya!


Pictures by : Shashank Kapur

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