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Hello March!

Nothing announces the arrival of spring better than florals. So in anticipation of that, I thought we could talk a little about my love for floral pieces today and how you can incorporate it in different ways in your everyday style.
Over the last few years, I’ve seen floral take over literally every aspect of a woman’s wardrobe. Today, one can step out of the comfort zone of floral dresses, and extend your (shopping) arms to funky floral shoes, jumpers, bags, blazers and what not! I am a firm believer of focusing your whole outfit around one statement piece, and adding a floral piece means that most of your job is done, as you’d do best to keep the rest of your outfit minimal.
What I love the best about floral pieces is that they are extremely versatile and can easily be incorporated into any setting. You can wear an exquisite floral midi skirt like this one to a formal event, or add some fun to a basic casual outfit with this kimono jacket, If you are the sporty chic kinds, get your hands on a floral sneaker or if you are the one who likes to experiment, I’d say make a statement with this black & white dress paired with some nice neon shoes. Rounding it off, you can wear floral to work too and be taken seriously, if you pick a cozy shirt like this one here.
Now coming to how I’d wear floral, this is one of my favorite outfits from a few days ago. I got these nice wide legged floral pants from Forever 21 which are comfort personified. I wore them with a white tank top for a day out, and paired it with this formal black top for a sundowner party. Quality wise, I won’t rave about it since they shrunk a little just after one wash but maintain it well and this can be a go to piece for the next few months!
Let me know how you would wear floral this spring in your comments below. Also, we are nearing our first month anniversary soon and have something exciting coming your way, so stay tuned 🙂
Outfit details :
Top : Splash (shrunk dress converted into a top) | Pants : Forever 21 | Shoes : Old | Jewelry : Kohl’s
Pictures by Shashank Kapur

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