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by surabhi March 22, 2015 0 comment
Hello Hello!

Well I’m quite late to the game but I only recently added a maxi skirt to my wardrobe. I had my apprehensions about it in the beginning but no love lost anymore.

Maxi skirts, for those who might be unaware, are long skirts – they can fall all the way to your feet, or in some cases end around the ankles, and more recently can also be found in a high-low format (above the knees in the front and all the way down at the back). These skirts come in various fabrics – cotton, crepe, jersey material and can be worn pretty much around the year with the right kind of styling. Having said that, it’s been a summer favorite for a long time given its lightweight fabric and loose fit.

Maxi skirts are also really loved because they are quite forgiving and flattering for almost every shape or size. Now coming to my apprehensions about it – I’m on the shorter side and traditionally I’ve always heard that maxi skirts, palazzos, patialas etc look great on the tall ladies while not doing the short ones much favor. Frankly, that’s not true at all. Now, I’ve tried everything I was told does not look good on short folks and it’s looked just fine. You can definitely be smart with the styling to add a few inches to your look without adding the heels, like I like to. Shorter tops, tucked in shirts, crop tops with your slightly high waisted maxi skirt will earn you a lot of love. Don’t pair it with longer tops or very loose fit shirts/tops as that might make the look quite disproportionate for our shape. As for the taller ladies, you have nothing to worry about so go have some fun with them maxi’s!

Now maxi skirts are extremely versatile – they come in various prints (floral, aztec etc), details (flared, fitted, drop waist, high low, side slit, pleats etc) and fabrics and can be styled in multiple ways. You can wear :

  • a tank top with a side slit maxi and heels for an evening out
  • a statement tee and flowy maxi for college/during the day
  • a dress shirt and flowy maxi for work or a night event
  • a crop top and flared maxi for brunch
  • plain vest and denim jacket with a structured maxi skirt
  • plain tee with a bright and bold printed maxi skirt
  • blazer with a plain tee and a structured maxi for a meeting
  • a leather jacket and some boots for the winters
How I styled it was something I’d wear for a semi-formal night out (had to wear sunglasses due to the strong sun) – pairing a black sheer shirt with a coral pleated maxi skirt. To that combination, I added beautiful gold sandals with a formal black bag to complete the look. I also had on some delicate gold jewelry but we forgot about those details while photographing and remembered only once we were on our way to breakfast after the early morning shoot! 🙁 Anyway, I personally love the look and more so because it has both the elements I always look for while putting together any outfit – comfort with a dash of elegance!
Let me know what you think about the look or maxi skirts in general in the comments below and a fun colorful post coming next week!


Pictures by Shashank Kapur

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