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by surabhi March 8, 2015 1 comment
Happy Women’s Day you all!

Anyone here know why we don’t celebrate a Men’s Day too? Just wondering, because if it’s about making people feel special, I’d say men need to feel special too.

On a personal note, after watching the “India’s Daughter” documentary that BBC released earlier this week, I have my reservations about women’s standing in the Indian society today. The men I hang out with, my family, my friends – they make me feel one of their own. However, when I saw the documentary I realized that these people who I surround myself with are such a minuscule part of the society and that I’ve been keeping my eyes closed to the rest of the country and it’s opinions. It’s heartbreaking, but being closer to the truth makes me feel like there’s a better chance to help this situation, in whatever way we can!
Anyway, coming to the point of this post – Black & White – easily my favorite from all my posts to date. I think it was a combination of the lovely day, the sun, the photographer, and the dependables that are B&W. Well, philosophically, I don’t think anything in life can be just black and/or white. But that’s the beauty about fashion, you can bring these two colors together to make sense and create magic. To me these colors represent freedom, confidence and self-actualization.

I’m drawn to both these colors individually, and of course the way they come together. Black & White for me is like yin & yang. Complete opposites. Black hides your flaws while white highlights it. Black represents darkness, in contrast to white which represents light. For me black stands for bold & edgy while white stands for elegance and confidence.

And then when these two get together, there’s not much that you need to do. Seriously!

Black & White is the perfect foil for color, texture, edgy statement pieces. Use B&W for color blocking, monochroming, layering. There’s tons you can do with it and I planned this post to show you 2 simple ways in which I styled Black & White. I was working mainly with this B&W midi skirt which I paired with a white crochet crop top (I seem to have a lot of them ;)).

For the first look, I just paired it with a pair of black heels to create a look for the working woman. I would wear this to work and can easily transition this outfit to a night event as well with just a pop of color on your lips and those lovely stacked bracelets! The second look is for a casual day out. I love nothing more than I love my flats, and these red flats are such a perfect foil for my casual outfit. Also, I’m one for minimalism and so I kept my accessories, as usual, to a bare minimum. I don’t leave home without my watch and I just added this delicate studded bracelet to add a dash of elegance to the look.

Tell me how you love to work B&W into your everyday look in the comments below. I would love to hear from you! Have a lovely week ahead 🙂


Pictures by : Shashank Kapur

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